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somebody shut me the fark up.

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No burnout cuz it's new - designed to cook in - spray it inside with cooking oil and run it for hr or two around 300* - 350* then damper it a little try get temps down around 250* - for cook - let it settle I where it wants to - if it seems to level out at 275* then cook at 275* if it likes 240* cook at 240* etc within reason - it'll probally take a few cooks to get hang of it.
You can smoke anywhere between 225* - 325* depends on ur and your pits cooking style. Some say 275* is perfect for meats.

I cook 250* - 275* - 300* depending on which smoker I'm using. I like running Butts/ Picnics 250-275* in my UDS. I trim most if not all of Fat off butts/picnics cuz I like more bark. I use McCormick Apple Wood Rub on Pork - I get it at Walmart and HEB. Some ppl inject some dont - I inject Apple Juice with some of the rub mixed in.

I'm Definately interested in your opinion of it after a few cooks.
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