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Default Phubar's Lowland Smokers @ Birthday Gig in Phort De Kwakel Pron

Yesterday Padawan and I did a catering gig for a Dutch Phorum member who turned 50....there were about 40+ people to Pheed.
Party was held at an old was near Schiphol airport,planes were taking off almost every minute.

We didn't have to bring smokers cause he had a homemade offset and a grill on tripod...we did bring our WGA's though.

It was pretty cool to cook on that was my Phirst experience.
The meats were smoked and then grilled...except the chicken.

We nailed the gig...we were happy and the crowd was also very happy,we also got an applause when we lePht.

In total we cooked up 20kgs of meat and every thing was eaten...thought there were gonna be lePhtovers.

-16 terrace majors (lean beePh) rubbed with Simply Marvelous Peppered Cow
-30 head of loins (pork tenderloins) rubbed with Byron's Butt rub
-76 chicken thighs rubbed with Plowboys Phin and Pheather
-potato salad
-potato/beePh salad
-veggie salades
-Phrench bread with herb butter

No sauces were harmed during this gig...

-WGA (3)
-UDS (S,M,L)

All fueled by [COLOR=lime]Ecobrasa[/COLOR] Coco Briquettes

*[URL=""]Lowland Smokers[/URL] Dutch BBQ Champion 2011 - 2012*
*[URL=""]Lowland Smokers[/URL] Dutch BBQ Champion 2013 Low 'n Slow
*WGA Ambassador

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