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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Originally Posted by jrdickson View Post
I would love a few tips!
and i took my grinder to the outer edge of the lip so it would fit on it.
The first tip would be the more air inlet the better! I like to cook chickens @ 325 -350 and like to take it up towards 400 at the end to further crisp the skin. To get those high temps when you need or want them you need more air.

At minimum I put (4) 3/4's in. 2 with caps and 2 with ball valves. If I make a new one now I actually put (2) 1" with caps and (2) 3/4 ball valves so I can get it screaming hot when I need it too. My logic is you can always cut back on air but you can't increase it if the hole size isn't there to begin with.

The second tip is with the ash catcher. I'll show you a pic later but basically you take a skillsaw with a metal blade and cut off the outside rim of the lid, then take some big pliers or channel locks and bend up the edges all the way around to form a pan with the lid. You'll end up with a 19" pan to catch all the ash along with any grease.

I also attached a u-bolt to the middle of the pan so I can grab it to bring it up and empty it.
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