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Default Organic Chicken observations with PR0N

There are a few threads going on about the merits of Organic, or Free Range, Chicken. With some of the comments I was inclined to cook one of these birds and see for myself. Let's start with the ingredients. One chicken, Montreal chicken rub and some EVOO.

The price is what always steered me away from this, but non-withholding to my better judgement I took the plunge. This is no cheap bird......

A few observations. The packaging was far superior to anything the store does. The chicken was packaged in a durable tray and vacuum sealed in a heavy duty plastic. Now worries of this one leaking all over the grocery cart. It had a whiter skin and the smell I usually get from ordinary chicken was not present. It was also trussed very nicely so little to no pre-rub preparation. So far I'm impressed...........

I chose to cook indirect over some KBB on my Performer at 325*. And pull it at 160* breast and 170* thigh IT. Has a great color and smells fabulous.

Off the grill tented and rested for 10 minutes and then sliced. Not really going for a plate shot here. The aroma was vastly different than I am used to. There was far less juice than normal but everything was very tender and the wings and drums pulled right off.

Conclusions: While this bird has some definite pluses in packaging, appearance and aroma the discerning factor is taste. The comments I read had mostly talked about how the taste and flavor was vastly superior to regular chicken. My wife and I had dinner and concurred...........Nice try but no cigar. It was drier, which could be remedied with a brine, I think. However I cooked this like I have many other chickens with no brine. The flavor was not that different to get me to pay more for an Organic chicken. Unlike the difference in beef, were I will pay more for a choice cut, this doesn't fit into that category.

Bottom Line

Find good chicken on sale and enjoy. This is not worth the money.
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