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Here are a bunch of pics I snapped after the paint was relatively dry. The paint wasn't as flat as advertised, but it turned out for the better. The side shelf was what I thought it was going to be, but the slight gloss works. The smoker was painted with paint from a 1 qt. can and the side shelf was painted from a rattle can. Both were supposed to be the same thing, but it works for me. I can't begin to explain how happy I am with the results. The inside still needs a little re-seasoning (comes this week) and the firebricks go in when I get it back home, but it is otherwise ready to go. The front shelf is probably going to stay as is for a while. I like it better than I thought, but if the right size bamboo cutting board comes along for the right price, I may replace it.

First cook is next Saturday. I just hope that at some point down the road, I can turn out some meat that is worthy of the equipment.

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