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When you buy a whole animal, you want to call the meat locker where it is being processed and fill out a "cut sheet." Essentially, this is a record of how the customer wants his animal processed. You may want to do a "standard" cut sheet, which is the butcher's regular processing, or you may want to do your own "custom" cut sheet. You may do either, its up to the customer.

Some cuts preclude others. For example, if you want ham steaks, you would be precluded from asking for two whole hams because the butcher has to saw through one (or both depending on how many ham steaks you desire) to create the steaks. If you wanted bone-out center cut pork chops, you would not be able to get two whole pork loins, as again, the butcher has to cut them up for you, etc, etc. Check out this link for ideas, or just google "pork butcher cut sheet."

As far as your traditional competition bbq cuts go, you can get two picnic, two butts, two spare ribs, two baby back ribs, and go from there on the rest. You will have plenty of sausage from the scraps and some good pork bellies for bacon too, along with two whole hams, chops, etc. Check out the cut sheets and pick what you like. Your butcher should be happy to help walk you through it too, especially if it is your first time. After all, they want repeat business. They will also save your cut sheet under your name so if you like your cut sheet, you can just call them up and tell them to use the same on next time. Have fun, that's a lot of pork!
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