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Well I was not to impressed with the local fresh sausage I purchased. It is partly my fault.

Based upon my research I smoked at 245 and it should have taken about three hours. At two hours the internal temp was 170F (was looking for 150F) and I pulled them. They were not juicy. That I figured was my fault and I'll check the temp earlier next time.

The two sausages were both fresh one labeled Cajun and the other Italian. Neither were coarse enough for my taste and when you looked at a sliced cross section they had barely discernable variations in the meat.

The Cajun labeled sauage should be embarrassed as there was no spiciness to it at all. There really wasn't a lot of flavor period. The bite was good and the casing posed no problem.

The Italian labeled one had a barely discernable Italian taste. Texture and casing were the same. Overall I would not reccommend these to anyone. Maybe a child who had never had sausage and needed a little exposure.

I was not happy with the overall appearance of either sausage. Do you brown your sausage up on a grill or flattop before presentation?

Over all both of these were very mild. These came from a company that uses the word Cajun in their company name. Not impressed.

I'm headed to Mississippi and will look for another source that way.
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