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Originally Posted by bvbull200 View Post
Didn't spend a whole lot of time tonight, but fixed the wireless thermometer situation.

I forget what you call these things, but they are bolts with a hole through the middle of them. Feel free to chuckle at my lack of hardware terminology knowledge. I had purchased some threaded lamp pipe to use, but we found these laying around and felt they looked infinitely cooler. I put two holes in the wall, added the hollow bolt thingamajigs, and then used a JB Weld high-temp putty to hold the back of them. I did this because it would work and it would seal the opening to help prevent smoke/heat leaking.

What about the hole in the bolt you say? The probes are threaded through small corks, so when I put the probes in the chamber, I can cork shut the holes. I bought a little magnetic shelf from Harbor Freight to hold the transmitter. Works perfectly. I'll look at weather proofing it with a hood or something sometime down the road. For now, it just gets black paint along with the whole smoker.


I'm going to figure out the shelf tomorrow or Saturday, then hit the whole thing with paint and be done for a while. I have other things that I'd like to do, but the thing I want to do the most is smoke some damn meat!
Looks great! Thanks for the follow up
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