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Originally Posted by fredcook View Post
I was able to purchase a Vision grill from Costco last week that was marked "Last One". I had looked at them every week since they put them out in the spring, but had not purchased one. This one was already on a cart and was marked down to $499.00. I looked it up on and saw someone had bought one from a Costco in Chicago a few days earlier on clearance for $400.00. I mentioned that to the general manager and he marked it down to $399.00.

After seeing this thread I bought the Kamado Joe heat deflector, pizza stone, and chicken stand from a local Pike's Nursery.

Now that I have it, I have to learn how to cook with charcoal. Is there a place on this forum that shows step by step the different ways to cook on this type of grill?

Thanks for any advice you can provide to a BBQ lover and soon to be BBQ cook.
Congrats on your purchase and welcome. You'll love the Vision kamado. The following site is for kamado cooking (not sure if I can post it but...)

It's got a wealth of info on kamados and there is specifically a section for Vision kamados. It's a learning curve but you'll get the hang of it quick and you'll never want cook on anything else. Seems like you're geared up and ready as well with the accessories.
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