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Originally Posted by pmanzi View Post
Thanks everyone, I was making a general statement when I said Hired Hand, I am using all my equipment by I am volunteering my time as well as the cost of the wood, injections, sauces, etc. but I will not be getting paid. I talked to the event organizer today and they advised that they are taken out insurance for the event to cover not only me cooking but also for pony rides, other food they will be serving and jump houses so I think I should be OK from that stand point, right? Talking to the county since it is a charity event on private property they told me I did not need any permits, I am thinking I will cause the police department tomorrow and ask them if they would try to site someone in this type of event.
It sounds like the organizer is obtaining some sort of umbrella policy for the event like many festivals do here in KS. Prior to signing up for a festival we require the organizer to submit to us a copy of their umbrella/festival insurance policy so that we can be assured the we are covered in all aspects of liability (i.e we have our attorney review it). However, we have never operated without our own food service insurance policy in place so I can't say what would happen if an issue would arise with the organizer's coverage.

The county appears to be treating this as a "festival" type event and as such they evidently suspend permit requirements, etc. KS has similar rules for charity/Non-Profit events.

Whether you are "paid" or not only matters when it comes to business licenses, etc. It has nothing to do with assigning liability for your actions of cooking/preparing food to be consumed by others. That is where the liability issues arise.

From a 30,000 foot view of this proposition we would probably do it IF the insurance aspect was nailed down tight.

Ultimately the decision is yours to make. If you do decide to go forward be sure to let us know how it turns out.
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