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Originally Posted by J-Rod View Post
If your friends are real vegetarians they won't eat anything cooked in the same cooker as a piece of meat. I only mention this because I had some VG friends who said "oh I can't eat that" (it was a vegetable) I said "Why not?" they said "because it was cooked alongside meat" as in the same vicinity.

Ughh. So pretentious. Needless to say I never have them over for dinner!

Sorry for the short rant, that stuff just gets on my nerves.

Good luck on your first cook, keep it simple, give yourself plenty of time and don't stress out and you'll have lots o fun!

As for your VG friends, flip em a can o green beans lol
It is actually one friend in particular and he is so cool about it that I go out of my way to accommodate him. The type of person you are talking about is Vegan, but that is neither here nor there. I actually FOUND OUT he was Vegetarian by accident....he always just 'finds something' on the menu to eat, so I thought I would try to do something nice and smoke a salmon or something. He is also helping me build a tree house.

Case in point...this fall we are doing a trip to Tree House Brewing and BTs BBQ together.
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