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Originally Posted by marubozo View Post
If they are putting on the event and just hiring you to work, then since it's their event, they should be handling all the health department stuff, have insurance, etc. But it's worth asking, because it isn't uncommon for people to try to skirt the law.

Nobody is trying to scare you (or anyone in similar situations) out of doing events, but you always have to imagine the worst case scenario. It's a one in a million shot, but think about what happens if something goes wrong and there's a big sickness outbreak from the event and the group didn't have insurance. So, guess where the fingers start to get pointed? To the person who was handling and cooking the food.

It's highly unlikely anything bad would happen, but it just takes one slip up, one sick person, and one lawsuit to potentially lead to financial ruin.
I have to agree completely check for your own peace of mind just check and make sure. Law suits are a .... well you get the idea. I have been through one it was false accusations but even still it cost 20000 and the cost is rising its not done yet how I got into bbq as I needed some stress relief. Winning is still stressful lot of hoops to jump through just to get to summary judgement where it will get tossed at least in my case. My point being dot your i's and cross your t's and make sure everything and I mean everything is on the up and up and check with the health dept yourself and what they expect of you. Law suits are no fun and you should always always make sure you do everything on the up and up.
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