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Talking Local Charity BBQ Fundraiser - Thinking About Burnt Ends and Barbacoa

Our hospital is having a fundraiser/contest with grilled/smoked foods. Employees and visitors can purchase tasting tickets and they can rate the various dishes which will get a ribbons for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

The bad thing is the event will be held on a weekday around noon, and I'm thinking most things people will bring will be either cooked all night, or the day before and reheated. Most likely reheated. Mrs ~t~ signed me up for beef, thinking there will be a lot of pork items.

My initial plan was brisket, but I like to slice and serve (not slice early and serve later).... which still is possible, but I'm thinking delivering a couple hotel pans of warm food is going to be the best way to go.

Right now my plan is to smoke two briskets, removing a generous amount of the points for making burnt ends. The flats will be foiled and over-cooked until very tender, then pulled or chopped and served as barbacoa with corn tortillas and some toppings. How does this sound? Any suggestions for keeping the barbacoa somewhat traditional, yet maintaining a smokey back-flavor. I don't want this confused with CrockPot pulled beef.

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