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I have done this for 140 people on 3 occasions. Two of us split up around 100 lb of raw meat prior. One person cooked 5 and the other cooked 8 butts. Cooking it the day before and pulling it after the cook. Each pulled butt was placed in a foil pan with the foil lids.

We added 1/4 cup apple juice to each pan and reheated it the morning before the lunch serving.

Issues with this approach:

Do you have an extra fridge which is large enough to cool the quantity of meat ?

How do fit all the meat in an oven to reheat? I barely fit all of mine in the oven after removing some of the racks.

Keeping it warm until serving. We both have numerous large ice chests.
We also had a large gas grill at the serving site for continuing to keep it warm.

Test fit all of the foil pans in the oven and the ice chests before you start.
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