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I have a Lang 36 patio...One thing to remember/consider is that the fire box is smaller...the door opening is 12"x12" can put a full split 18"in the box but its tight, and the cooker will get to hot for a low and slow can use 1/4 splits but its usually to much for my cooker as well...So I have my 1/4 splits cut in half to 9"and these are perfect for me...after my cooker is up to temp and I have a good coal bed it uses about 1 per 90min to hold temp of 250...maybe slightly more or less...but if I work the air intakes I can postpone adding more wood...also with the cooker running that long(10 HRS) it will need less and less fuel to stay locked in since its heat soaked and the coal bed just gets sweeter...
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