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Default Where Do You Put Your Wireless Transmitter?

I'm working on restoring/modifying a Bandera (thread here), but I didn't want this question to come across as too specific to the smoker. Hopefully I can find a great idea or someone will have some input that sparks one of my own.

I'm trying to come up with a place to mount the transmitter on my Maverick ET732. I had figured I'd put a couple of holes in the side of my cooking chamber with some grommets to run the probes through, but then where to put the transmitter? I thought welding a short piece of steel tubing off the side of the cooking chamber, then just hanging it would work, but I'm afraid the heat will be too much. I'd also want it to be protected from inclement weather, so I thought a shroud over it would be prudent as well.

Of course, I'm probably over-thinking it, which is why I've turned here. I have plenty of scrap metal (plates, expanded, tubing, etc.) and a welder, so I can so a quick fabrication of something if the effort doesn't outweigh the gain.
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