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Default What's the best compliment you've gotten on your Q?

I ask because I just got back from a backyard competition where I did very well in all 3 categories (1st in ribs, 2nd in brisket and 3rd in shoulder). I was very happy to do well, but the biggest compliment I got was from an elderly gentleman who approached our stand (we had to serve the festival attendees as well). He sampled all three of the meats and didn't say a word. I figured I had struck out on all counts. After he was done, he asked my sister who was serving who the cook was. My sister pointed at me and with the help of his daughter, he made his way behind the table and walked up to me. I stood up and he looked me square in the eye and shook my hand. He said "Son, I was stationed at Randolph AFB near San Antonio TX during WWII. When the boys and I had leave, we would head up to Lockhart to eat as much barbecue as we could before we had to be back to the barracks. Now I left Randolph in 1945 and haven't been back since mind you. Your brisket was the closest I have ever had to what we ate in Lockhart and it brought back some of the happiest memories of my life. I just wanted to thank you." I have to admit I teared up a bit (a lot). I told him it would be an honor to cook for him again and any time he wanted more I would make it happen and gave his daughter my email and number. My sister is retired from the Marines. She saluted him and he straightened as much as his body would allow and saluted back and then they left. They could have kept the trophies and the money from the event, that judges opinion meant more to me than the guys sitting in the room with my turn in boxes. Without a doubt it was my biggest bbq victory ever.
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