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Well, I thought it was pretty cool.

I'll have to do a little testing, I suppose, to see if the baffle is ineffective at its current size. We ended up just measuring out our own dimensions for the fire-basket. I hadn't noticed this with any other fire-baskets that had been made, but we made the center divider removable so I can do bigger logs should I ever have the desire.

So far, we have done the following;

1. Added heat deflector/baffle
2. Replaced rear wheels/axle with casters
3. Replaced front casters with steel legs/feet
4. Built a (badass) fire-basket
5. Cut a plate to reduce the size of the cooking chamber (removable)
6. Sealed some joints that could potentially leak heat/smoke (inexpensive factory assembly)

Still have a few more things to do like add a shelf to the outside and make a little covered mount for the wireless transmitter, but it is almost ready for paint.


Plate for reducing the cooking chamber size. The "exhaust" is in the back left.


Legs/feet. This caster/legs/feet combo raised the smoker by about 3 inches, which is good for me.

Here are a couple small gaps we filled in:

I just can't wait to start cooking with it. I'm pretty excited with the progress so far, though.
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