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Default Cold food storage

We all know that we want to keep our refrigerators below 41*, But do we know how to properly store the food in them?

Please note that we could not get everything a common fridge might have in it. But I think you'll get the point.

Special thanks to Tim ( The Kapn) for his help by designing the graphics.

Below are three refrigerators, only 1 is loaded properly.

Question: Which refrigerator shows proper food storage?
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The answer is #3.

You always want to keep raw products below cooked products.
You don't want meat juices dripping on "Ready to eat" foods.
Since eggs can absorb moisture you would want them above raw meat. But since meat is going to be cooked, it's okay for the eggs to be above the meat.
Store leftovers in sealed containers with tight fitting lids.
And remember HIG says that leftovers are to be reheated only once.

Refrigerator #1

Refrigerator #2

Refrigerator #3

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