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Default Restoring/Modding My Bandera

I was going to start this thread once I was done with the work, but I have a couple of questions now, so I figured I'd lump it all together

I had an intro thread where I shared some of the story, but basically, I bought a Bandera a couple of weeks ago for $75. Other than a little cosmetic work and some wheels, it needed very little. This site has been a tremendous resource (especially the Bandera 101 doc) and is already costing me money. I just bought a Maverick ET732 and Weber starter chimney . Figure a couple of new analog thermometers and a Thermapen soon enough, too.

Here are a few pics for now and I'll update later as I get more work done.

This when I first got it:

I goofed by not taking pictures while on the concrete, but you can kind of see the casters (non-swiveling) that were welded on the smoke box side:

Steel legs with 3" x 3" steel "feet" for the other side:

Here is the baffle that was put in to place (and where I have a question):

My baffle question is this: Is that too small? It is just shy of 4" long. We ended up welding it to the lowest rack holder, which raises it a little higher than the location that is mentioned in the Bandera 101 document. I didn't think about it at the time, but now realize that this will have an effect. I can put a little extension on the baffle if necessary, unless the impact on this will be minimal.

I will be building a firebasket this weekend and will just measure it out, I suppose, since I haven't seen a consensus on the L x W x H dimensions. I am trying to picture one thing, though. With fire bricks on the bottom, I am guessing that I will put a grate above them (lowest possible setting), then put the firebasket on top of that. Is that correct? Trying to get an idea of where I need to be measuring the height for the firebasket from.

Thanks for all of your help and I look forward to being able to provide some more pictures of the restoration and mods, then start trying my hand at smoking/BBQing.
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