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Found some matches.
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Originally Posted by Jayblefty View Post
SRF is a quality meat company! I had a block cut Waygu "Eye of Ribeye" on my menu for quite a while. Best Pittsburg steak I have ever had! Their grading process is crazy too! Their gold line is the most marbled and tender I have ever seen! Hoping to do a brisket from them soon! I will take all this advice into account:)
How do you obtain their gold line? I emailed them a while back and this was their response

Our gold label is equivalent to a BMS 9-12 on the beef marbling scale. At this time we do not sort our gold briskets out from the rest of our briskets. We guarantee all briskets shipped are silver, black or gold label however at this time we sort by weight range not by grade.

So is it just a crap shoot like she said?
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