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Originally Posted by marubozo View Post
There will be no ND stuff going on the walls in the restaurant. That's for sure. Now offering discounts on game day with apparel, maybe. I may live here, but that doesn't mean I like ND. I will try to attract their fans, but I won't stoop to littering the place with their paraphernalia. It's a college football thing, and some lines cannot be crossed.
Haha, that's funny. I guess you are a Michigan fan? I'm a Clemson fan but unfortunately live in the town where our rival university (South Carolina) is located.

I've contemplated myself if I would have to somehow promote their university if I wanted to set up a successful BBQ place here. I don't think I have it in me to do it....though. Go Tigers!

As for your situation, I was in college not that long ago, and remember that students would do almost anything for a free t-shirt and a free meal. There were credit card companies who would setup booths on the main strip of Clemson and give people a free meal and t-shirt in exchange for them signing up for a credit card. Now for a credit card company, the tactic is a little sleazy IMO, but it was very effective.

Maybe you could go to the university and hand out coupons with a pretty hefty discount, along with a free t-shirt. Could end up costing a good bit, but hundreds of students wearing your t-shirt would be some great marketing. Then, if you get them in the door with a good discount, they then realize that your food is awesome, that 15-20 minute drive from Notre Dame won't seem too bad anymore.
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