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Originally Posted by raginranger View Post
Hello marubozo,

Long time thread lurker. First time poster.

I'm from SC so I admittedly am not very familiar with your area at all; however, I noticed that it's only 10 miles from the University of Notre Dame.

I noticed that you were a little upset about missing the summer season, but do you expect to get much traffic from the Notre Dame football season.

Seems like some people that come in for the games will stay in your area, and it could potentially increase business a good bit.

Don't know the culture up there but down here in SC tons of people buy BBQ for their tailgate menu on gameday saturdays.
That's a great question.

I do hope that there will be some football traffic as like you said, we are pretty close. It's just an odd setup here. We're only about two miles north of the Indiana border, and it's kind of odd because it seems like EVERYTHING is just on the other side of the border. Even though it's only a couple of miles, it's as if people have no need to go north of the border so everybody seems to stay down there.

Now, if there was a good reason to make the couple mile drive, say, to get five pounds of awesome pulled pork to take to your tailgate party, then that could get people in. But it would take some targeted marketing to those fans down there and let them know about us. There's also a good opportunity to advertise game day party packs or something where people can call in ahead of time and place an order for X amount of people and we put together everything they need to pick up on game day.

So, it will be interesting to see if I can convert on any of the football activity this fall.
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