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Originally Posted by The_Kapn View Post
Where can I buy your cookbook?
I bet it is perfect and I want one.
I have yet to do anything perfect and never claimed to (nice spin, I say edible and you say perfect). However, I have wrote numerous white papers and technical documents. I stand behind every one.
Originally Posted by The_Kapn View Post
Also, where can I review your winnings for the last few years? I am sure you are swimming in cash.
The statement this references was not an attack on Myron, it was an against the idea that the bad recipes are a way to keep him winning (illuminate the logical fallacy). No one expects his comp recipes, but they do deserve better than the poor ones on offer.
Originally Posted by The_Kapn View Post
And your successful restaurant (maybe I missed it) is located where? I really want to eat there.

Just Curious.

This is the funny one. I sold it ten years ago at a handsome profit. Keep your hat on for the next one. Gathering resources as we speak and actually offered on a property, but do not expect this one to happen.

My statements were not ad hominem (except the cheap shot about the restaurants, on good days I am better than that, I do regret that) yours however are. BUT that's okay. Really.

Have you cooked any of the recipes or are you just a fan? The book really is the topic for me.
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