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Originally Posted by Jumppr View Post
I haven't even come close to reading all this thread, but most of my questions have been answered. I've been looking for a smoker/grill combo for a while now ever since a few months ago when I tried to smoke my baby backs on my gas Kenmore grill. I'm usually pretty successful, but it is a constant battle to keep the little container full of chips from bursting into flames and sending my thermometer skyrocketing!

Since this gas grill is almost 10yrs old, the wife agreed that I should start looking for something new that meets my requirements and that the funds needed would not be withheld (married folk know what I'm talking about) I really wanted a 3 in 1 combo where I could do smoking and gas/char-grilling. I only found a couple that met that standard, but they were too expensive and the reviews were almost all unfavorable.

Fast forward a few months and I stumble across some UDS threads, pictures and videos. That was enough to get the UDS bug and I've been reading this thread pretty steadily ever since. There's a lot of great ideas and suggestions here.....I'd probably have to build 100 UDS's just to incorporate all of them.

Last night I got my basket made and started to season it. I can't say I was really surprised by the performance, but it was still impressive to watch. Once I got it up to temp (250degrees) I was able to hold it there for about 4hrs. Then I went to bed and woke up 8hrs later. The temp dropped down to just under 200. I opened all the holes and took a shower. When I came back up it had climbed up to 300+! I'm pretty sure that if I didn't need to go to work today I could keep the temp at 200-225 and smoke ribs all day!

And now for my one question.......I've seen a lot of variations on basket construction and a lot of them are not as big around as the smaller Weber grill. Is there an advantage to having a smaller diameter, taller sides as opposed to the larger diameter, shorter sides?

Go with larger diameter and lower height for a fire basket. If you have a standard flat top drum, you want as much room as possible between the fire and the meat.
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