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Originally Posted by stevek813 View Post
I am on the other side of the fence than all of the others in this thread are on 'ole Myron's books. I like them.

I too own both of the books but prefer "Smokin" over "Everyday BBQ" becasue "Smokin" is more about competition style and the other is just a fairly run-of-the-mill recipe book of things to cook on a grill.

The reason I am on the other side of the fence is becasue I actually followed Myron's recipe to the letter for St. Louis style ribs a couple of weeks ago and the results were outstanding.

I went through every step in the process including marinating the ribs, using his recipe for rub, used his glaze, used his spritz every 15 minutes for a couple of hours and even cooked them in a pan. I even used his favorite wood (peach) for smoke.

I followed the recipe exactly as they appear in the book because I wanted to see if all of his mouthing on BBQ Pitmasters had any substance. As it turns out, in my opinion the results were definitely there.

Love Myron or hate him, the guy knows how to cook. And for those folks that are expecting him to give up his exact recipes, that is NEVER going to happen and if you read the book closely, Myron doesn't try to hide the fact that the recipes in the book are in fact different than what he uses when he is in competition.

Remember folks, competing is how Myron makes a good portion of his living and he is not going to print the keys to the kingdom for everyone to use. He is also not going to give up the real recipes at his cooking school even for the $750 bucks. They might be different than what is in the books but they won't be what he really uses.

And finally, as one of the other people in this thread pointed out, you have to be careful with some of the recipes becasue there are a couple of printing mistakes that I ran into. The one glaring error is that his basic rub calls for 2 tablespoons of cayenne pepper when it should have clearly been 2 teaspoons.

I hope this helps!!!
My favorite from his Smokin book is the Apple Bacon Stuffed Checken Breasts.

I am making them for a party on Sat
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