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Question First Ever rib Comp

OK, Brethren...

I have cooked ribs several times this summer to rave reviews from my neighbors at the campground (of course, they love EVERYTHING I cook, so they could have bias).

This weekend, I am entered into my first-ever rib competition at the campground (after winning the chili cookoff back in May). They are supplying baby back ribs from a local meat market to keep everyone on level footing.

They have not yet released the "rubric" and criteria for the ribs (the campground owner saw a bbq show this winter and wanted to bring a small competition to the campground), so I do not yet know if they want "fall off the bone" ribs or ribs with "pull."

My SS Big Poppa UDS usually chugs along anywhere between 225 and 250. I do not yet have a temp controller (although 1st place would put me much. much closer to realizing that dream ), so I can't "dial it in." With the temperature range I listed, what time frame should I be looking at for these ribs?

I've been a brethren long enough to know that every piece of meat is different. We will get supplied with three racks and have to turn in enough bones for four judges. I plan to stagger the start times to have three different textures and tenderness ranges.

What say ye, brethren?
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