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Default Yup! I stay with the conservative Japanese method and use ...

.... a 2000 grit and 8000 grit waterstone ... but that is because all of my Japanese knives, plus many Henckels, are in very good condition. Then the process starts all over ..... the hard knives wear down the waterstones and they muxt be flattened. There are some cheapie methods (which I use) but the right way is a diamond flattening bed (only about $400.).... and the beat goes on ...

I was told to get a piece of float glass cut about 12"x12" and place a piece of 220 wet-dry paper on it (plenty of water to get it to 'suck down' on the glass). I mark pencil grid lines on the stone and then rub it on the wet-dry until the grids are all gone. Seems to work pretty well.

An earlier comment about the blade serrations is on target and some cutlery users avoid the finest grits, feeling that the polished finish is too smooth.
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