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Originally Posted by SP
For what its worth I get my knives shapened at Ambrose Bros and they sell Wustof, Global anbd Shun, the 3 top rated knives, I asked the guy what knives he likes the best. He said, Wustof are the hardest to sharpen. I said so does that mean they also are the hardest to dull. He smile and said but we also have some other wonderful knives. So basicly he like the Wustof the best and so do I. What ever you get look for a comfortable forged blade.
The rockwell rating on Shuns is several points higher than Wustofs... and they can be sharpened much sharper. The metal, however, is more flexible while still being stronger, allowing honing to be effective and sharpening to be easier. Shuns sharpen to 16 degree angles (and some are single side sharpened making twice as sharp) compared to 22 degree angles on German knives.

However, the best way to pick a knife, from what I've been told, is to go somewhere that has the knives you want to try out, get out a cutting board, and just act like you're slicing on it; pick the knife that feels the best to you.

By the way, watching Iron Chef American last night, Calphalon now has a Shun knock off for lower prices. I don't know the quality, but the metals used look very much the same. Very cool looking knives, though I'll stick with Shuns... I also like the lifetime warranty and free sharpening on them.
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