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Originally Posted by deguerre View Post
I was gonna say something similar, but decided not to mess with a potential (I'm assuming Kapn has a few hours in these...) former Cobra pilot...
Not that it matters, but YUP--"oddles" of hours in them. I was an Attack Helicopter kinda guy for almost my whole career.

We also sent her a care package.
Some Plowboys Jerk which they fell in love with while here. She is going to be using McCormick's most of the time. Readily available and not bad seasonings overall.

A second (she has one already) Taylor remote thermometer with a spare probe. I heat shrinked both probes for her.

A ThermoPen.

Three BBQ cookbooks with a big WARNING. Told her that most of the recipes were way to complicated and to use them as a "concept" and for ideas only.
She is gonna be calling me before she ventures into new "recipes" for meats, fish, veggies, and fruits. I am "hammering in the basics" of cooking, so she will be self-sufficient quickly.

Gonna be fun to watch her progress.

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