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Originally Posted by Sawdustguy

Whichever manufacturer you decide on please consider a Santoku instead of a regular chef's knife. The serations on a Chefs knife decrease the friction and the meat making a better cut. IMHO the Santoku is a touch more versatile.
Guy, I love my Santoku's, but I still think a traditional Chef's knife has advantages. I would NEVER bang through a chicken back with my santoku, or use it to trim bony ribs. I trust my traditional chef's knives with heavier blades to do those jobs with out damage to the blade.
I think what I am saying is that I really like to use the santoku for a lot of stuff, trimming veggies, dicing and slicing, etc, but there are still jobs where a French Chef's knife does better. [aside-a really good Japanese clever will do all that stuff as well as a chef's knife-so maybe a combo of a santoku and a cleaver........
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