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Thermal Mass - all of the different flavor profiles ended up tasting pretty good but there are a few that I really liked.

- Honey habanero (as long as you don't get carried away with the habanero dust)
- Rulhman's pancetta blend - this was one of my favorites. It makes for a really nice savory flavor profile
- Brown sugar habenaro
- and one of my standby's is brown sugar & cracked peppercorns (simple and delicious)

Few other notes...

Fresh maple syrup add a lot of sweetness to the bacon but you don't get the maple flavor.

It takes a ton of jalapeno dust to get any of the flavor of the pepper.

The only one that was a little disappointing was the sriracha & hot pepper blend. not that it tasted bad, just very lacking in the sriracha and heat department.

bigzthamoose - yep these were cured for 7 days. Here is the basic dry cure that I use.

450 grams of pickling salt
225 grams of granulated sugar
68 grams of pink salt (prague powder #1)

This will make roughly 3 1/2 cups of cure. Use a stand mixer (if you have one) or a whisk to get all the ingredients mixed together and then I use a ratio of 1 tablespoon per pound of meat. With this cure, I've never had it turn out too salty or even had to do a fresh water soak. It works perfectly for my tastes.

I store the extra cure in a mason jar.

Fat Woody's right on with getting a kitchen scale and if things do end up too salty, a fresh water soak will help to remove the salt and make it edible again. My first batch I used a brine and forgot the fresh water was the saltiest thing I've ever ate...
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