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somebody shut me the fark up.
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I love steel, and have a drawer full to prove it.

Fro the $, and given my choice, it's Henckels 4 star. It fits in my hand well, holds a good edge. I like the Wusthof, a lot, but the 4 star just feels better in my hand.

There are exceptions. I boutght a Farberware Santoku for under $10 to see how I liked the knife. I've never felt the need to 'upgrade' to a Hanckel. It's not my most used knife and I bought two more to keep one in Austin, DFW, and San Antonio.

When you start looking at quality knives the bottom line is 'use'. You and your personality you will take good care of it. In your shoes I'd go with that was comfortable in my hand, and then look at price. With good steel it's something you will have for a long time.
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