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Default 1st UDS.. temp troubles

Hi guys, I need your advice here. I built my first UDS last week and finally tested her out on the weekend and was somewhat less than enthusiastic bout the results.

My problem is that I can not get temp to stabalize. Filled basket full with lump and lit 1/2 small Weber chimney for 10 minutes until ashed and then dumped. Put lid on with big bung open and with all 3 valves open waited until temp hit 245 before capping of 2 and left ball valve open full. The temp kept climbing up and up until 295 so I shut ball valve down by 1/2 and within 5 -10 it seemed to have settled at 285. Went away for 1/2 hr and now at 250 then kept dropping, another 1/2 hr and now its at 220. Stopped there and tettered a few degrees then once again declined. When it hit 210 I opened ball just a little and within 10 minutes the climb started again. Once again hit 275 so I closed again and the fall happens. What did I do wrong can anyone help
I built it with 3-1.25" hole intakes( 2 have 1" pipe and cap screwed right in drum and the other has 1" ball valve) 2" from bottom. My exhaust is the standard 2 standard bung holes. My charcoal basket is 12" square 6" high and sits just over 2.5" from bottom.

Please help
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