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I guess I will call this "Pickled Heat, Bacon & Sweet "

Here are the ingredients I started with.

First I started with Vlasic Pickles, cut them in half and cut out the center.

I used this tool to cut out the center. It worked out real well. Made it easy!

Then I stuffed the pickles with Stenemill Kitchens Artichoke & Jalapeño and Oakridge BBQ Habanero Death Dust. Never tried this mixture before but it just sounded great!

Then I wrapped them in Hickory Smoked Bacon and rolled them in Brown Sugar!

I put them on my weber kettle and once they started getting warm I coated them with Maple Syrup my wife brought back from her Alaska cruise and gave them another sprinkle of Habanero Death Dust! Then I let them get crispy so I had my pickles wrapped in pig candy

I just want to say that when I started this cook I was not sure what the outcome would be like. I like everything I put into it, I just did not know if they would complement each other.
Im amazed at how great they tasted! Just Incredible

Please use this as my money shot and THANKS FOR LOOKING!

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