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Default Rockpyle's UDS Build

Originally Posted by RT View Post
Congrats on making it to page 748.........

I'm at 451 and counting but my first UDS is cooking........

Good luck on your first build and have fun........

I am up to page 228, but started gathering materials after about 115 pages and finished my UDS last night.

I found a barrel reconditioner in Detroit that sold me an open head heavy duty barrel for $27, Took a bunch of notes during my studies and with a few trips to HD and Lowe's had all of the components. My lovely wife allowed me to cannibalize the 15 year old Weber we have . . err, had.

As a guy without many tools or much experience with metal, cutting the holes was pretty intimidating, but the step-bits were a godsend and much easier than I had expected.

I had to bend out the lip of the Weber lid and rehammer it to form it to the drum. I assume that is because I bought the heavier drum? The guy at the barrel place told me it was a 17h drum. It also has a 2" bung in the side, about 6 inches from the bottom. I briefly considered using a single 2" pipe intake, but ended up taking the advice of many to KISS and build the standard recipe before venturing too far afield.

My only other problem was finding a good source of a strip of expanded metal. I didn't want to have to cut it myself. I ended up using a couple of shelves from HD, chopped a bit, bent a bit and wired it together. No off smells during the seasoning burn, so hopefully it will work.

I found a good online source for custom expanded metal, and although shipping is about the same as the metal, cost, I'll likely remake the charcoal basket when a buddy and I build his.

I sealed up the intakes and lid seal with Hi-temp RTV, and everything went smoothly. Seasoned for about 5.5 hours last night and am ready to throw a couple of butts on tomorrow! I had some fun letting out my inner geek during the seasoning run, learning how the smoker reacted to changes, lip removals, etc. I probably need help:

Wish me luck!

So many thanks to all of you who have created this thread to help those of us coming along behind. I first saw a drum at Bubba's rib burn, and have been toying with the idea of building one for a couple of years. This thread finally got me to do it!


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