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Im doing a small local charity event next weekend.50$ to enter, they provide the ribs and loins for the competition. They asked that we cook extra loins for the meal they serve that night.

In this case Im quite willing to to do it, they are an organization that takes handicapped kids from all over out hunting deer and turkey, great bunch of people who put a lot of time and energy into what they do with a lot of people donating thier time, thier farmland, and thier money to get these kids out.Even if we do well in the judging we will just donate the prize back to thier charity.

Ive seen other ones with public tastings that I wasnt as crazy about, they are usually set up just to sell tickets and draw the public in, theres prize money for the public tastings but in some cases it seemed like it wasnt about the food, it was who could get the most friends there to vote.
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