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Originally Posted by loco_engr View Post
Do CBJ's has precedence over off the street, non-qualified KCBS judges
at an KCBS event?
Where would I find an answer to this on the KCBS site?

Side note: today, after signing in, I was told to "go grab a seat at a table."

I was NOT told what tables were for the judges.
I sat on an unoccupied table, right in front (3 rows back)
of the sign in location.
I was not the last person to arrive, more came in after me.
When the Reps started to sort everyone out as to seating
arrangements, I was told I was extra and not needed for
judging. Fortunately, someone decided they didn't want to judge,
so an seat opened up. The table I was at, had an off the street
person, (never judged before) already sitting there.

Thanks any/all help!
Update: CBJ Percentage: 96%
Musta been the dude @ my table?
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