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Default Temperatures

Most of us know these temps. But I thought I'd post them for those that don't.
(Copy and print) Place somewhere for future reference.

The Danger Zone – 41°F to 135°F. This is the range of temperature that disease-causing bacteria grow rapidly. Bacteria grow especially quickly between 70 and 120 degrees.

Cooking (minimum internal temperatures for 15 seconds).

165°F = Poultry, Stuffed Meats/Fish, Soup, Leftovers and foods cooked in a microwave.

155°F = Ground Beef, Ground Pork, Ground Fish

145°F = Eggs, Fish, Pork chops, Lamb, Steaks, Veal

135°F = Cooked vegetables (never store at room temperature)

130°F = Rare Roast Beef for 112 minutes.

Reheat foods to 165°F within 2 hrs. (Never reheat food in a steam table or a hot holding oven)
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