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Originally Posted by Grillman View Post
I'm not trying to be mean; but if you make it easy for somebody to steal stuff,
they probably will.
When I had a smoker-trailer, I had a special hitch lock clamped onto the tongue, I had
another lock on the lock-down clamp, I ran the height adjuster up and put a chain on it
so it couldn't be lowered, I also had a chain running through the wheel and spring on
one side. On the other side I had a cable lock run through the wheel and spring.
If someone wanted to steal it they would have had to remove at least 5 locks and
chains to be able to drive off with it.
Even with all that, somebody could have still stolen it, but it would have taken
them a good bit of time and effort to do so.

I see stuff like this on the News all the time....people will leave a window open on
their house, or leave their car doors unlocked and they get robbed. They will then
be interviewed on the news saying "this a good area, things like this don't
happen here". And they are standing right next to their car that was broken into,
because they didn't lock the doors.

Don't lie to yourself and believe you live in a "good area" and crime doesn't happen
where you are. Lock everything. Back your trailer into a place where people can't
break open the doors and take your stuff out. Park other cars in front of it so
someone can't just "hook up to it" and drive away.

Yes, it will make it inconvenient for you for your next competition, or event.
But if you make it easy for thieves to steal from you, they probably will.

I know you shouldn't have to take these precautions, but, sadly that is the
way the world is today.
That's all well and good with the locks and chains but if they have the key to the city, ain't nothing stopping them!

Key to the city listed below:
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