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Congrats on the new Spicewine! As you use your large Spicewine, you will learn the start up procedure that best works for you. Having a charcoal basket makes all the difference in the world. I invested in my own welder and made my own. I start off with one chimney full of briquttes, Spicewine advises against usinfg lump, because it burns hotter and faster and cause your temps to run away from you. Start with one chimney, and open your bottom drafts all the way open, then have your top vents open 1/2. Your temp will come up slowly, as you get near your target temp, start closing your bottom vents till they are about 1/4 to 1/2 inch open. If you are going to add water, add hot water! This will cause the firebox to work less hard to maintain temp. Once up to temp, you will not need a Guru, it will sit at your set temp for 10- 15 hrs if you have a charcoal basket. I have a Guru, and it was just not needed. Anyway, i would learn to run your pit without one before using the Guru so you will know all the ins and outs of your new pit. Hope this helped, enjoy the pit, you have one of the best ever made
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