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Found some matches.
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Great thread!

I recently purchased a Vision Grill Classic B from CostCo. I would like to do both some smoking and pizza, and am trying to figure out a decent deflector plate setup.

I've read this thread about folks using the Kamado Joe deflector plate, and about the optional notching of the fire bowl that voids the warranty. I've also seen the options.

Based on the comments here ( it sounds like a smaller gap at the edge (15" stone versus 13" stone as a deflector) is preferable.
I was thinking of using:
- Deflector setup: 2012 Vision Spider + 15" Kamado Joe pizza stone (I understand this is the same stone as the deflector, but with some extra embossing)
- Another Pizza stone 16-18" on the top grate that comes with the vision.

How well would this work? Would a 14" cast iron pan work better? If using a larger stone on-top than the deflector, will have a ring-shaped hot-spot at the perimeter?

I didn't see other folks talking about just setting the top/pizza stone on one of the upper grates, and am not sure why you would the jig that comes with the KJ deflector plate. if someone can enlighten me about this, that would be great.

Lastly, when cooking pizza, is there an ideal distance between the deflector plate and the pizza stone? I've heard you want the pizza as high as possible in the dome, and notice most of the deflector plates drop down.

Thanks in advance for any insight!
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