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Originally Posted by chad
I did a google on cirticidal and only got two hits in for a pill from a natural food place (for ingestion, not cleaning) and one question on some forum from 2000 with no responses.

I'd say, off hand, it wouldn't be approved for food service. However, if you have used the product and like it it would probably be ok for home use.

As an aside, many new cleaning formulas are including citrus in the formulas. I've used citrus based handcleaners and citrus based air fresheners (from ACE/Truevalue only for the original) and the family really likes the air freshener. I've got a surface cleaner from GFS with orange oils/extracts and it works very well - it's not advertised as antibacterial.

Conclusion of disinfectant test.

From Table #1 it is readily apparent that CITRICIDAL at a concentration of 0.125 oz/gallon exhibits marked antibacterial activity in distilled water. The disinfectant was most likely bactericidal, since the survival time of the organisms used in this study was relatively short. Both Salmonella and S. aureus were slightly more resistant than the E. coli isolate used. This observation agrees with previous work (unpublished) with other disinfectant. Of perhaps more importance is the impression that is apparent from the data shown in Table #2. The presence of an extremely high content of protein (2.5% egg white) did not change the activity of CITRICIDAL disinfectant toward the three bacterial species used. There was no detectable change in the activity of this disinfectant toward the E. coli or Salmonella. A slight increase (from 5 to 10 minutes) to kill all the Staphylococus was measured, however due to this small magnitude of increase, this is of questionable significance.
Although not included in this report, preliminary studies with CITRICIDAL also indicate that this disinfectant poses good antifungal activity. This should also be kept in mind when considering the attributes of this product.
CITRICIDAL has great potential as a disinfectant with the previously determined low toxicity coupled with the excellent antibacterial activity suggests numerous applications of this product. The data in this report must be repeated before recommendations can be made as to the appropriate dilution of CITRICIDAL that should be used in practical application, however indications are that the "use rate" will be low. Additional, studies are planned to better define these levels (i.e. minimal inhibitory concentrations in a variety of media). The apparent refactory nature of this disinfectant to protein is intriguing and additional studies are currently underway to gain a better understanding of this aspect of CITRICIDAL.
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