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Originally Posted by N8man View Post
a lot of what you are seeing, I believe, is due to the quality of the meats you are cooking, you said it yourself that on two occasions one meat was better marbled than the other and the better marbled one turned out better...
next time cook at 275*, foil the meat at 160* internal with some apple juice added and finish the cook until the meat is probe tender....probably around 200* internal...
and remember, it's just barbecue, have fun with it!!!
Thanks, gotta try 275, that's something I've reserved for my ribs in the past.

Does adding the liquid when foiling really help with keeping the meat moist and tender?

I don't really care for the bark that I get with foiling, and I'd imagine it would be even softer with more liquid in there?

I did one cook with baking paper instead of foil, and I think the bark held up better that way.
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