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No butts here that I know of, it's sometimes possible to get shoulder cuts around 2 pounds, but almost impossible to get the whole shoulder. Well, it might be possible, but I'd need to go to a butcher and make a request. And that would mean at least $6-10 a pound with our meat prices... I'm paying around $3 for a pound right now for the neck.

I've tried the small shoulder cuts, didn't see a big difference in quality compared to neck, and the shoulder comes with skin and a piece of bone. It probably ends up costing more than the neck piece. Usually neck is used to make steaks here and people just grill them. Whole necks are usually just baked in the oven for a long time until they are tender.

Here's an example on how the dry necks looked like:

And here's how the good neck looked like more or less:

(not my pics, the good looking one was from a cook here)

So definitely a difference in texture and marbling, but I find it hard to believe that pork quality has gone down that much in two years.

I'm now thinking that since they weren't that great pieces of meat to begin with, they would've needed to cook more. Also, the bad ones were much better after reheating, so that might also suggest they were undercooked...

I think I'm going to buy one neck, slice it in half and cook the other half to around 200, and the other to around 210. And try which one seems more like buttah ;)

That's not absolutely conclusive, but it's good enough for me :-)

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