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Farks. I got a pretty simple recipe for beans that we make at deer camp and I make a roaster full each spring for our local sportsmen club that they sell.
I use the dried navy beans.
1# white navy beans
1# bacon
1/2 bag of Mrs. Kluskis noodle
1 lg. sweet onion
I check beans, boil them for abt 30 min. Let sit for couple hours. Change water, bring to a boil again and let rest overnite. Chop bacon into 1 inch pieces and chop onion. Fry bacon and onion together. I pour off part of the water. Add bacon and onions, fat and all to beans. Then I correct liquid level by adding chicken broth. I boil noodles for about 8 minutes, drain and add to beans. Simmer for an hour for flavors to meld together.
Sometimes I add some grated carrot also.. Not sure why but noodles seem to remove most of the gas from the beans. Kluski noodles dont seem to fall apart like egg noodles. Especially during reheat. I like to use the Great Northern Beans for convience. It has a tremendous abount of sodium in them. You can strain the fried bacon from its grease but what the heck.
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