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Default Disappointed in my second try with ribs

I bought ribs from a different butcher for my second try with St. Louis style ribs. I'm still very new to this, so I can't really tell what the heck is in the package, as in what part of the pig is this?! What kind of cut is that?!

These ribs were very fatty, and there was an extra thick part of the ribs, so I need to figure out what that was.

I used a 3-2-1 that worked so well on the ribs last time, and I put apple cider and spray butter into the foil.

They were very juicy, but they were disappointing compared to the last time, and my wife agreed - we think they were underdone. Great smoke flavor but disappointing texture and pull.

I did some more reading and learned about the bend test, so mental note for next time. Bend the ribs! These were definitely stiff when they came out of the smoker. The temp was 225 for most of the time, although it was a very windy day yesterday so the smoker was heating a lot more than last time when it was 96 degrees and still out.

Today, my first attempt at a pork shoulder (butt?), the boneless half at 3.69 pounds, with no brine.
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