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Originally Posted by jrben1 View Post
I've had 2 cooks on my 36 inch Myron Mixon smoker now. The first thing that impresses you the first time you see one of these is how big they are. There advertising is a little off. The external dimensions of the cooking chamber are 36 X 24 inches but the interior dimensions are 34 1/2 X 22 1/2 inches. When you open the lid just give it a little tug and the nitrogen filled shocks open the lid the rest of the way - hands off.
The firebox basket is 31 X 15 X 9 inches and would hold 50 lbs of briquettes easily. That's a good thing because this baby uses a lot of charcoal. The first cook I started with a 16.6 lb bag of charcoal and had to add additional briquettes after 3 hours. The second cook I started with a 20 lb bag plus one chimney of lit coals and had to add briquettes after 4 hours. The cooker comes up to 225 degrees 11 minutes after adding one chimney full of lighted briquettes. You can't cook all day without adding additional fuel like you can on a Backwoods smoker or a Pitmaker Vault.
Aren't they meant to burn sticks though or are they advertised as a charcoal cooker? Would seem like sticks would be more cost effective on these smokers.
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