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Originally Posted by early mornin' smokin' View Post
thanks for the help guys! we're buying this, and hopefully in the near future opening a bacon and BBQ joint. I recently started a company called north fork bacon & smokehouse. We make high quality bacon out of pork, beef and duck. Gained a lot of momentum very quickly with just the bacon, but that alone won't sustain a store, so Bringing comp quality bbq to the masses is another one of my goals. Had to pull out of our old place of production. And an opportunity arose to take over a store, and it's too good to pass up. It's a tiny pizzeria, but the rent is low, so is overhead, and the price to get in the door is a steal with everything i'm getting. Helps that i've stood behind the counter of the place for the better part of the last 15 years. There's nothing like it anywhere even close to me. Going to be doing real BBQ, not the crap that gets pumped out of the few places that are around, but no where close. I'll be keeping the brethren informed of my progress, but we're looking at a september 1 opening.

Good Luck Pat !!!

Based on this being for business purposes, I'd strongly suggest the $ investment in the Guru... You're time and ensuring consistency each time out will pay for itself very quickly.
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