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What part of KY you call home? Just east of Lexington myself.

Originally Posted by STUMP52 View Post
OK. I made it through 125 pages of this thread before I started getting the parts for my UDS build. I WILL Finish this thread later!!!

Two days ago, I burned out my new drum just to "season" it.

Then today I went for a test run. I took yall's advice and throwed a fatty and a stick of ring bologna on for good measure.

The food turned out good.

I had to watch it because my temps fluctuated by 50-60 degrees if I left it too long. I think I didn't pack my charcoal well enough because it burned to one side. Anyway, hell of a lot better watchin this than the Chargriller! Next on the list next week, RIBS! That'll tell the story!

Oh, when I read this thread again I'm gonna make some damn notes! Still ain't found the right answer for drillin the holes in the lid. I got 6 5/8" holes and it seemed to be alright. If I pack good next run and still see temps fluctuate, I may make some more holes. At least till I can find me a WEBER Lid!

Thanks to all for this great CHEAP smoker.

One other thing, when the bride got home and took a look at it this afternoon she said ain't no way it's stayin on the back patio. Guess I'm gonna have ta dress it up some!
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